Help create awareness

The coalition educates members and the community on emerging trends, local risk factors, protective factors in the community and strategies to reduce youth substance use.

The coalition believes that an educated community is an empowered community to take action to create an environment where kids are supported and less likely to use substances.

Awareness comes through talking to others, getting involved in our communities, and learning more about the positive and negative effects of our choices on ourselves and our youth.

We use a public health model called the Strategic Prevention Framework to guide the work we do.  We choose strategies that are evidenced based, that have been researched and found to yield constituent, positive results. Prevention science is truly a science and we use the best practices to guide our work.

You can be a part of creating awareness and educating others about what we can do to make Jackson County the healthiest and most vibrant county in the state. Join the coalition and make a difference!


Helping our youth to make healthy choices and not to use drugs.