Engage! See how YOU can be a part of community success

The coalition is made up of people from the following sectors:  parents, youth, concerned citizens, businesses, law enforcement, schools, media, faith organizations, civic groups, youth-serving organizations, parks and recreation departments, law enforcement, human services, healthcare providers, government and elected officials, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and military from across Jackson County.

Are you part of an organization like these but not yet involved? Would you like to get involved in some way?

  • As an individual … you can volunteer at an event and see how the coalition reaches out to our communities.
  • As a parent … learn how to talk to your kids about substances and making healthy choices.
  • As a community member … you can connect to a group you may already belong to share resources and common missions, double the reach of both organizations.
  • As a youth … you can be a leader for other youth.  Work with community members to understand the challenges faced by youth and the best ways to support them by creating a healthier environment!

Engaging makes us all stronger and able to more clearly and impactfully focus on the success of our youth and the future of our communities.

Join the coalition today, unite with others and become part of something that makes a difference in Jackson County. Sign up.

Helping our youth to make healthy choices.